Nour is a 13 year old young girl whose mother, a Lebanese woman, is married to a stateless Palestinian man. On a sunny road trip day, the family is set upon by Antar, a thug with politically affiliated impunity, who, in an instance of road rage, murders the father and mother. Owing to Lebanese law, where Lebanese women married to foreigners may not pass on their citizenship  to their children, Nour finds herself abandoned to the streets of Beirut where she finds solidarity and support from Nayla, a prostitute.

This is a story that touches mainly on the rights of children who, like Nour and 77,000 other reported cases of children whose mothers are unable to grant them Lebanese citizenship, on account of a gender biased law that favors men over women, in a bigoted and patriarchal society that is rife with corruption and impunity for those  whom are political affiliated.

Credits: Director, Screenplay, Sound Designer
Completed in 2019
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Nour's Lullaby is the closing song of the short film Abandoned. As Nour stands with the choice of life and death in her hands, her Lullaby comes in to calm her mind and remind her that she is a child and should never have to carry the burden of such a choice.

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Courts Critiques, Montreal, QC. Quebec, 1 March 2020
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