Very often we walk the streets of Hamra and avoid looking or interacting with the street kids. Maram is a short documentary about a young Syrian refugee girl who sells flowers on the streets of Hamra. Through this documentary we get to know her and her aspirations in life. 
This mini documentary was a collaboration of people willing to volunteer their free time to tell the story of Maram; The most loved young Syrian refugee flower seller girl in Hamra Street, Beirut, Lebanon. Maram is an 11 year old who lives off the street with very minimal education. She has not been to school in 4 years. 
There are many children in Lebanon who go on with life without quality education for various reasons enshrined in the normalcy of general corruption and income inequality. This mini documentary serves to highlight the need to provide free quality education to children anywhere in the world. 
No child should be left behind without an education that is neutral and objective to an acceptable extent. Maram, and many other children in her situation, deserve a better life. If there is any weapon that will work against poverty, terrorism, and racism, it is education. What we need is a long term plan based on humanity rather than profitability. Maram deserves a better life…. As do all underprivileged children

Credits: Director, Editor, Sound Designer, Color Grader
Completed in 2017
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Best Documentary // Dieciminuit Film Festival // Ceccano (Fr), Italy, 2018
Best Documentary // Best Short on MovieScreenPro Film Festival - 2nd Edition - Online, 2018
Best Directing // Global Motion Picture Awards // Beverly Hills, California, USA, 2018
Best Solidarity Work // MINIDOC Film Festival // Polán, Toledo, Spain, 2017
Festival History
Lecce Film Fest, Lecce, Italy, December, 2018
FICME, Medellín, Colombia, November,  2018
Festival Cine Daroca, Daroca, Spain, September, 2018
Cine Invisible "Film Sozialak" de Bilbao, Bilbao, Spain, October 2018
Incinerante Fest 2018, Medellín, Colombia, August 2018
International Tour Film Festival, Italy, June to August 2018
15th International Ethno Film Festival The Heart of Slavonia, Đakovo, Slovenia, Croatia, June 2018
International Short Film Festival Detmold, Detmold, Germany, June  2018
Phoenix Film Festival Melbourne, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, June 2018
The International Documentary Master Doc Film Festival, Los Angeles, California, USA,  April 2018
The People’s Film Festival, Harlem, New York, USA, May 31 - June 2018
Festival Internacional De Cortometrajes Cine a La Calle, Barranquilla, Colombia, May 2018
Best Short on MovieScreenPro Film Festival - 2nd Edition, Online, April 2018
Best Documentary Award, Artículo 31 Film Fest – VI Edición, Madrid, Spain, April 2018
Dieciminuit Film Festival, Ceccano (Fr), Italy, March 2018
Global Motion Picture Awards, Beverly Hills, California, USA, February 2018
Festival Internacional de Cine de Lebu, CINELEBU, Lebu, Chile, January 2018
The Monthly Film Festival, Online, January 2018
Solidando Film Festival 2017, Cagliari, Italy, December 2017
Festival Internacional De Cortometrajes Pilas En Corto, Pilas, Sevilla, Spain, December 2017
Blue Danube Film Festival, Wien, Austria, December 2017
Barcelona Planet Film Festival, Barcelona, Spain, November 2017
Madrid Human Rights Film Festival, Madrid, Spain, December 2017
Hope-first 1st Universal Short Film Festival, Online, July 2018
16th Edition of Human Rights Film Festival of Barcelona/Paris/NYC, Paris, France, November 2017
PUBLICYSTYKA, Kędzierzyn-Koźle, Poland, October 2017
Courts critiques 13e édition,  Montreal, Quebec, Canada, October 2017
Courts critiques 12e édition, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, September 2017
Mishkal Festival, Beirut, Lebanon, September 2017
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