Being a person with a wide set of expertise and specialties, I offer consullting services on a multitude of levels. Maybe you are an NGO with the simple need to make awareness videos but don’t know where to start or how to do it creatively. Maybe you are production doing something new for the first time and need someone with the know-how to make it all work. No matter what level you want to work at or what kind of production standard you wish to accomplish, whether you have lots of experience or none at all, consulting with a creative/technical professional not only helps your production but could cut down your costs and make them more efficient.

A creative/technical consultant has the knowhow to advise you on workflows starting from pre-production (finding a creative way to tell a story, pre-production planning and budgeting, casting, etc..), to the intricate technical needs of a production (what camera to shoot with, resolution, codec, special rigs, DIT specs, Audio references, synchronization, dealing with difficult shots), all the way to post-production (efficient post-production workflows and asset management, proxy workflows and practices, sound design, grading, visual effects, etc).

My consulting services are not restricted to individual productions; If you are a production house looking to upgrade or redesign your facility, or if you are new to the field and are looking to build a new facility from the ground up, or even if you are looking to expand into cutting edge filmmaking techniques (like Virtual Reality filmmaking, Virtual Set filming, etc…) then you need a post-production specialist as experienced and comfortable with, not just the creative aspect, but who is technically proficient to advise, build, or upgrade a facility from the ground up. Whether it is a simple single station setup or a networked advanced facility with project servers, Storage Area Networks (SAN), Network Attached Storage (NAS), Render Farm, Archive Servers, Multi-Cam control room, etc..) I got you covered.