Abandoned – مَنْبوذِة

Nour, a 13-year-old girl, faces a harrowing tragedy when her mother, a Lebanese woman married to a stateless Palestinian man, is brutally killed in a road rage incident by a politically affiliated thug named Antar. As per Lebanese law, Nour cannot inherit her mother’s citizenship, leaving her abandoned on the streets of Beirut. In this poignant tale, Nour’s plight sheds light on the rights of children affected by gender-biased laws, leaving them without Lebanese citizenship. With 77,000 reported cases, this story delves into a bigoted and patriarchal society marred by corruption and impunity, where political affiliations reign supreme. Amidst her struggles, Nour finds solace and support from Nayla, a prostitute, in a heartwrenching display of solidarity.

Credits: Director, Screenplay, Sound Designer
Completed in 2019