Samer Beyhum
A multidisciplinary Lebanese-Canadian filmmaker, director, editor, sound engineer, post-production specialist, and technician with an interest in developing pedagogy methods and socially relevant content. Essentially a hyper multitasking, technically adept, problem solving machine in the body of a creative, honest, and highly experienced person with a long history and comprehensive body of work.
Major Works

A narrative short film tackling the issue of a gender biased Lebanese citizen ship law

Completed in 2019

An experimental film exploring existentialist questions

Completed in 2018

An award winning documentary about a young Syrian refugee flower seller

Completed in 2017

An award winning short documentary about a photojournalist covering human rights abuses in during the Syrian conflict

Completed in 2014

A an award feature documentary tackling the adverse effects of Quebec's proposed bill 60 on the freedom of belief

Completed in 2014

A feature documentary  covering the Quebec 2012 students uprising

Completed in 2013

Photo Gallery