“Socially relevant issues have been the driving force behind my work since my high school days. As a filmmaker and storyteller, I strongly believe it is our responsibility to scrutinize our society’s perpetuation of stereotypes and prejudices, which stem from outdated traditions and an inadequate educational system. Rather than glorifying and romanticizing these harmful elements, as often seen in mainstream content, we should challenge them and contribute to our collective progress and growth. With this conviction in mind, I have assembled a team of passionate young professionals to embark on a captivating journey of creating and exploring ‘Ard Ba’alat,’ a dystopian sci-fi fantasy series. Through this project, we aim to shed light on pressing issues and provoke thought-provoking discussions.”

Samer Beyhum

Samer Beyhum was raised in war-torn Lebanon during the tumultuous 1975-1990 civil war. Despite the divisive sectarian and patriarchal atmosphere of that era, he grew up in a unique and diverse environment. From a young age, Samer was passionate about promoting peace, social justice, and environmental causes. In 1997, he represented Lebanon at the Global Youth Forum organized by the UN in Seoul, South Korea, solidifying his commitment to making a positive impact on society.

Samer pursued his interests in filmmaking and theater at the Lebanese American University in Beirut. There, he skillfully merged his love for music, experience as a ballet dancer, and sense of social justice, giving birth to expressive projects that reflected his style and beliefs.

After completing his studies, Samer embarked on a multidisciplinary career as a filmmaker, director, editor, sound engineer, post-production specialist, and technician. His passion for creating socially relevant content led him to co-found 99Media.org, an independent media group focused on social justice issues in Montreal. Through this platform, he collaborated on numerous projects, producing compelling short documentaries and award-winning feature documentaries like “Derives” (2012), “La Chartes des Distractions” (2014), and “Une Histoire Syrienne” (2014).

In 2007, Samer moved to Canada and later returned to Lebanon in 2016. Back in his home country, he established a program at the Lebanese American University of Beirut, encouraging students and alumni to produce socially relevant films and documentaries of the highest professional standard. The collaboration yielded award-winning works like “Maram” (2017), “The Spiral” (2018), and “Abandoned” (2019).

Throughout his journey, Samer contributed his skills to various projects for organizations like Sharq.org, the Arab Reform Initiative, the Center for Lebanese Studies, the Arab Council for Social Sciences, and The Volunteer Circle.

In 2023, Samer co-founded the Beirut Film Center alongside Mazen Hachem (Solo Films). This platform was created with the vision of providing aspiring filmmakers with opportunities and resources to showcase their talents and tell compelling stories that resonate with audiences worldwide.